VirtualBox Virtual Machine For OpenMP/Cilk/MPI

How to install the Virtual Machine for OpenMP/Cilk/MPI Programming on your Laptop/Desktop

  • Download and install VirtualBox.

  • Download the customized OpenMP/Cilk/MPI Xubuntu virtual appliance (4 GB):

  • Start VirtualBox. The "Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager" window opens.

  • Create a virtual machine (needs to be done only once): Go to "File" menu and select "import appliance". Select the downloaded ".ova" file and click "Next". A window "Application Settings" appears. The virtual machine is pre-set to use two processor cores. Change the number besides "CPU" to match the number of cores you have. Then click "Import". It may take a few minutes for your computer to build the new virtual machine. When finished, a new virtual machine appears in the left column of the "Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager" window.

  • To start the virtual machine, select the VM entry in the "Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager" window and click "Start". A new window opens and your machine starts running.

  • The Ubuntu virtual machine will boot directly into the main account (no login required; you have superuser status; login ID "student", password "student".).

  • To close the VM, simply close the VM's window. Select "Save the machine state" from the popup window for faster re-start of the VM.