Interdisciplinary Research 

I specialize in interdisciplinary and collaborative research in data science and parallel computing. We use cloud computing systems, cluster computing, multi-core processors, and GPUs to create high-performance computing systems for solving data-intensive and computationally hard problems in business data analytics, bioinformatics, and computational engineering.    [READ MORE...]

Publications: 187 papers in refereed journals and refereed conference proceedings. More than 6,000 citations.

Research Funding: $2,042,000 personal research grants, $2,674,000 (compute time equivalent) personal compute grants, and $41,017,000 group research grants.

University Management and Industry Collaboration

I am very interested in combining interdisciplinary research with university management and industry collaboration. My passion is to advance the university by creating new collaborative opportunities for research and teaching. For example, I collaborated with IBM to create an Institute for Data Science and an interdisciplinary Master’s program in data science where students from 17 departments in the Sciences, Engineering, Business, Arts, and Social Sciences learn how to work together on interdisciplinary data science projects.   [READ MORE...]